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ATTENTION RPG FANS! Go check out The Swarm Home Page! This group is working on a game called Time Relic. Time Relic is a 2D Tile-Based Role Playing much like Sceptre of Shalimar (the game I am currently working on). Keep watching this one! Time Relic has a lot of potential!

Ever play Bard's Tale, Wizardry, Might and Magic, Mordor, Ultima Underworld, Eye of the Beholder, or any of the many other "old school" 3D Role Playing Games? Don't you someone would make another game like this with todays graphics and sound? Well they did!!! Check out DEMISE at Demise is the sequel to the immensly popular MORDOR.

Get the most current (and best) prices on any computer parts you can imagine -- These sites updated DAILY, from the web pages and catlogs of thousands of vendors! If you are planning to buy Memory, a Hard Drive, CD ROM, CPU, Motherboard, ect... Make sure to check these sites first!
PriceWatch --
Computer ESP --

Viper's Programming Page -- The ULTIMATE collection of Programming Knowledge & Technical Information for IBM Compatibles. Absolutely Incredible. Tech Data and Information on ANYTHING -- Networks, VGA, Sound Blaster, DMA, Parallel Port, VESA Graphics, Windows, you name it, its here!

UFOS! Millenium! Conspiracy! Pyramids! Mars Monuments! The New World Order! Aliens! End Times Prophecy!
Get all the answers!!! Find out what it's all about! Stop by the WATCHER'S Homepage and learn the wisdom of the ages!

ATTENTION ULTIMA FANS: Get the MIDI music from the Ultima series, Final Fantasy, Gradius, and many other video games from the Game Music Homepage. Ultima fans will also want to check out Markus Brenner's Home Page and the Ultima Dragon's HomePage.

Check out the latest California earthquake activity provided at Indiana University and CalTech.

Get the most up-to-date weather information from NBC's Intellecast, or from the National Weather Service Forecast Office. While you are visiting, be sure to check out the Latest National Radar Images and the latest forecasts for LA or any other major US cities.

Find out which MOVIES are playing at your LOCAL THEATRE at the incredible MovieLink Web Site.

Investors: GET STOCK MARKET QUOTES ONLINE! Who says you need to pay premiums for services like America Online, GEnie, Compuserve, or Prodigy to get your stock quotes? Stock quotes are available all over the Internet, and they are FREE... Check out: Edgar Online, PC Quote, FastQuote, or MoneyQuick.

For investment tools and FREE software check out: The Investor's Edge Website at and the incredible Investor's Edge Stock & Mutual Fund Search Engine! You may also want to take a look at Edgar Online, or visit the Stock Market Home Pages: The NASDAQ Market Home Page, The AMEX Market Home Page, The NYSE Market Home Page.

Want to get into the Stock Market? Want to learn how it all works and have the possibility of making money beyond your wildest dreams? Then check out: The FinalBell Stock Market Game
Once you get good at it, and decide to try playing the stocks with REAL money, you need to get an account with a Stock Broker. Most Stock Brokers operate just like a bank. But in addition to depositing and withdrawing your cash, you can buy and sell Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds. Here are a couple of brokers which do stock trades over the Internet:
TradeWell $22 per trade, $500 Minimum to open account.
E*TRADE $15 per trade, $1,000 Minimum to open account.
Discover Brokerage $15 per trade, $2,000 Minimum to open account.
CompuTEL Securities $14 per trade, $5,000 Minimum to open account.
EBroker $12 per trade, $10,000 Minimum to open account.
Datek Discount Trade Services $9 per trade, $2,000 Minimum to open account.
Please note: We are not in any way affiliated with the above brokerage firms. It is entirely up to you to read over each firm's policies and determine which firm would be right for you.

See LIVE video cameras, updated every few seconds, at the Peeping Tom Homepage.

Play INTERACTIVE GAMES, right over the internet! Try the Online Games Page.

You can learn about our city's local history from the Santa Clarita Historical Society home page, or learn a bit about our city's present from our provider, Smartlink Communications.

QBASIC programmers will want to get a look at our QBasic games and The Sceptre of Shalimar Home Page for information on a hot new Ultima-Style RPG & Construction Set that we are working on for Ms Dos and Amiga!
Be sure to visit the Fantasy Origins Home Page for a list of links to dozens of other Fantasy RPGs for the PC! Here are just a few:
Zaskoda Software's Legend of Talibah, EGA Software's ENCHATASY, Ryan McCauley's Adventure Island, BurnTalon's Demon Sword, Zack Burn's Dragon Fire, Indigo Productions' Eternal Revelation.
Also, Johnny's Cyberlab contains some interesting stuff, and be sure to take a look at G Realms, a WEB page dedicated to "true" Computer Fantasy Role Playing Games.

Get the MIDI music from the Ultima series, Final Fantasy, Gradius, and many other video games from the Game Music Homepage. Ultima fans will also want to check out Markus Brenner's Home Page and the Ultima Dragons' HomePage.

Download a C64 or Atari 800 emulator and you can bring back the good ol' days! While your at it, why not grab a few programs for your emulator from our C64 and Atari 8bit pages.

Grab modern renditions of classic video games (with digitized sound and 3d rendered graphics) from Cheesy Software. These are REALLY GREAT, we highly recomend them! Loads of fun!

Or visit the all-time Hot Spot for downloading files: (Walnut Creek CD Rom library). This is a VERY popular spot so if its busy and you can't get in, try again a little bit later. You also may want to try their WEB Page.

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