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NOTE: This Web Page is from the days of MS DOS, way back when, before Windows 95 was even popular. Most of the information on this web page no longer applies to today's modern Operating Systems (ie: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, ect) unless you are running things from a DOS Command Prompt... I keep this page up mainly for historical reference, also for Amiga (or Amiga Emulator) users, and also for the few (the proud!) who still use a purely-DOS environment!!!

Frequently Asked Questions
(Last updated: January 1996)


Installation Instructions - How do I run your programs?
File Download Problems - Unknown URL or Partial Downloads
Problems - I get no text on Shalimar's Main Map screen
Amiga Downloading Instructions
Amiga Problems

How do I run SHALPRE1.EXE?

1. First Download SHALPRE1.EXE onto your C: drive in the root directory.
2. Next go into a DOS prompt, and type in C:\SHALPRE1
3. Type in INSTALL
4. Thats all there is to it. Follow the onscreen instructions.

How do I run these .ZIP files?

NOTE: This applies to Sceptre of Shalimar but can be used for any of the other programs as well. Just replace SHALPRE1 with the filename of the other program (ie: DUNG or SPACDUEL). Remember to press ENTER after typing this stuff in!!!

1. First download the .ZIP file from the web page (click on it). Save it to C:\ (NetScape or whatever you are using should ask you where you want to save the file to).
2. Next, go into a DOS PROMPT and make sure you are in the root directory of drive C: by typing in CD C:\ and then at the next prompt type in C:
3. Now type in as follows: PKUNZIP -D SHALPRE1.ZIP if you run into any errors, you probably don't have PKUNZIP.EXE and will need to get a copy of it. Save the copy into C:\ as stated previously.
4. Finally, just type in SHALPRE1 to start the game. If you run into any errors here then you probably do not have QBASIC.EXE and will need to get a copy of it. Save your copy of QBASIC into C:\SHALPRE1
5. IN THE FUTURE, when you want to play this game, just repeat steps 2 and 4.

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Download Troubles

Unknown URL - My browser is giving me an UNKNOWN URL message (or something similar).
SOLUTION: Your browser is not completely HTML compatible. You need to get a new version of your browser or get a different browser. If you are having this problem, try downloading the latest version of NETSCAPE.

Partial Downloads - I'm not getting all of the file!
(I get only 14k of 67k bytes or some smaller number like that).

- There is a bug in Netscape 1.16 that causes it to cut off a non-FTP file transfer sometimes if you change directories or wait around to long at the "SAVE TO DISK - CONFIGURE A VIEWER" or at the filename dialog window. You may want to try getting the file by FTP instead.
- Also, occasionally the connection just gets broken (about 5% of the time). I tested my page and out of 12 downloads of ShalPre1, one of them failed. All the rest worked fine. I'm not sure why.

- Try using an FTP download by clicking on the FTP message in the files section. If that does not work, try the download again (from our web page) but this time immediately hit SAVE TO DISK. Don't change directories or anything, just hit SAVE.

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Sceptre of Shalimar does not bring up any text on the main map screen!

- If you are using QEMM, try disabling its STEALTH ROMS feature as this will cause the above problem with some video cards. Or just boot up and press F5 when the computer says "Starting MS DOS..." or F8 when it says "Starting Windows 95..." (then select Safe Mode Command Prompt Only). This will boot up without any drivers, but QBasic programs don't need drivers so your at no loss.
- If other memory managers cause this problem try disabling the "USE MONOCHROME REGION" options and/or any option that maps out the ROM chips (Steath Mode, Aggressive Mode, Cloaking, ect...). So far, only QEMM's STEALTH has caused this problem.

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Amiga Installation Instructions:

NOTE: AmigaBASIC will NOT run under Workbench/Kickstart 2.x or above. Do not waste your time if you are using the newer OS. IT IS COMMODORE'S FAULT NOT OURS!!! DON'T BLAME/FLAME US!

1. Go into a CLI or SHELL window. Make sure you are in your root directory by typing in CD DH0:
3. If you get an error you will need to download AmigaBasic.LHA, otherwise exit AmigaBASIC (Right Mouse - File - Close) and continue.
4. Type in LHA
5. If you get an error you will need to download LHA.
6. Now go back to our WWW page and download SHALPRE0.LHA (and LHA or AmigaBasic.LHA if necessary). Save all the files into DH0: (your root directory)
7. Go back to the CLI/SHELL window and type in LHA X SHALPRE0.LHA
8. If you downloaded AmigaBASIC then type in LHA X AmigaBASIC.LHA
9. Now close the CLI/SHELL window by typing ENDCLI
10. Double-Click on your Hard Drive Icon (for drive DH0:) and you should see a new SHALPRE0 drawer in the window. Double click on it.
11. In the SHALPRE0 window you'll see an INSTALL FONTS icon. Double click on it.
12. Finally, to play the game, just double-click on the SCEPTRE OF SHALIMAR icon.
13. IN THE FUTURE, when you want to play the game, repeat steps 10 and 12.

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Amiga Problems and Fixes:

PROBLEM: When I double-click on the Icon it starts to load up then GURUs.
ANSWER: AmigaBASIC is NOT compatible with WorkBench 2.x or above. If you have WorkBench 2.x or above you'll have to wait for the next version.
ANSWER: If you are using WorkBench 1.3 and/or an Accelarator card, try disabling FAST RAM (run NoFastMem). If this does not clear the problem then you will have to wait for the next version. ITS COMMODORES FAULT, NOT OURS. AmigaBASIC IS JUNK.

PROBLEM: The program occasionally locks up, especially when playing a sound.
ANSWER: There is a bug in AmigaBASIC's SOUND routines. Disable the sound by typing F on the Main Map.

PROBLEM: Walking around on the map is VERY SLOW.
ANSWER: You really need to have at least 1meg of FAST ram in order for this to run at optimal speeds (the A500/A600 "trapdoor" ram is NOT fast ram. Thats CHIP ram EMULATING fast ram or just plain CHIP ram). With FAST Ram the program runs almost 3 times as fast (even then its still a bit slow... Sorry, but thats AmigaBASIC for you!).

PROBLEM: I can't do anything!!! I can't even move! No keys respond!
ANSWER: Another task is running in the foreground. Click the mouse somewhere on the Shalimar screen to bring Sceptre of Shalimar back into the foreground.

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