A note about Spam and Faxes that may *appear* to be from us:

We are the orignal Alpha Omega Systems (since 1988). Our name is just "Alpha Omega Systems" and nothing else (ie: we are NOT "Alpha Omega Robotic Systems", we are NOT "Alpha Omega Computer Systems", we are NOT "Alpha Omega Neuroscience Systems", we are just plain "Alpha Omega Systems").

We are located in Santa Clarita, California and have no other offices or affiliates at this time.

For those of you that are curious: This little bit was added to our Web Page in Summer of 2003 because someone recieved a number of Junk-Faxes from one of those OTHER companies with "Alpha" "Omega" and "Systems" in thier name, and they threatened to sue *US* in court over it!! These people just about had the damn lawsuit filed too!!

Even got a rather nasty call from thier Lawyer (apparantly -- the reason I say that is this woman was angry and rude and just "vented out" on me big time... Most lawyers remain calm and professional even when they are about to "serve up the papers")... Anyway, the matter was quickly resolved once the facts were straightened out (and I'd imagine the other company got hit with a small lawsuit... Either that, or a nasty phone call from an (apparant) Lawyer).

From what I gather, this other company was sending out junk faxes on a daily basis, and said party asked them to stop sending the junk a couple times, but they wouldn't. Thus, said party decided to ask them out for a date -- in court!!

Hey, if you found this little bit entertaining, or if you've had a similar thing happen to you, drop me an EMail and let me know. I'd love to hear about it.

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